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"terfs are incapable of oppressing trans women!!!!" lol

lmfao @  trans exclusionary radical feminists saying “why are you so mad at us go be mad at the men who physically attack you instead. we just theoretically dont want you to exist”

its like wow yeah it’s very harmless when you actively try to “morally mandate [transgender people] out of existence” through cool and awesome nonviolent means like completely fictionalizing inflammatory accounts of children being uncomfortable around their transgender peers [1] and feeding them to [2] extremist christian news sources [3], the daily mail [4] and fox news to try and propagandize the panicked opposition to lawmaking efforts [5] that would decriminalize the existence of transgender people and increase safety for trans people, including students and children [6]

like hahaa yeah the way you intentionally lie to attack the safety of children is really harmless!!!! i love how radical feminists expose children to potentially violent situations [7] and make them want to kill themselves in order to further their own political aims!! [8]

i also love it when radical feminists call the workplaces [9] and health care providers [10] of trans people to try and financially attack them or prevent them from having access to medicine!! it makes me very happy when radical feminists try and use institutionalized police harassment as a tool to ruin the lives of alienated transgender sex workers [11] thats very cool and nonviolent as well :)

i should totally not be angry about how you try to hurt kids man!!! because you only support the harm of children in the coolest and most modern ways that are definitely way more acceptable in our society!! i would say you attack the safety of children in possibly THE most modern way and i do respect your openly expressed desire to place your theoretical gender politics above the safety of children!!!

its SO GREAT AND HARMLESS that terfs try to contextualize their violence against trans people in ways that society might deem more acceptable!!!! i love how you try to hide your manipulative and abusive behavior behind a veil of theoretical politics its very cute and loveable!! because when you intentionally try to conceal the harm you’re doing people are less likely to oppose you which is great!!! its almost like you’re not actively trying to destroy people’s lives!!! let’s all shut up so trans exclusionary radical feminists can attack the existence of women and children!!! because it’s harmless and that’s what they love to do!!

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